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5 Ways to Emotionally Prepare for Selling Your House

Buying and selling property is one of life’s greatest stresses. When you’re emotionally invested in selling your house, it only increases the pressure.

As conveyancers, we witness this stress in our clients every week, and we’ve talked to hundreds, if not thousands, of homeowners about the emotions that come with selling their homes. 

We want to help you prepare for selling your house with five ways you can keep your emotions in check: 

  • Setting reasonable expectations
  • Choosing your support crew
  • Not taking low offers or criticism personally
  • Focusing on the positives of your next move
  • Being patient and staying positive

Let’s dive in and find out more.

Setting Reasonable Expectations

When selling your house, it’s important to set realistic expectations. The property market is unpredictable, and it’s common for sellers to price their property too high or expect too much from buyers. 

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In Australia, we’re coming off a period where we saw unprecedented sale prices for property. Referred to by some as the ‘Covid Price Boom’, the pandemic saw sellers achieve record-breaking prices, with some homeowners making a median profit gain of $270,000 as overwhelming demand supercharged the market. 
Whether or not the ‘boom’ is over is a hotly debated topic, and according to the latest CoreLogic data, most cities and regions are falling or remaining relatively flat.  But, we recognise that for some sellers, you might feel regret or disappointment for not selling during COVID, and this is a perfectly human reaction. Experience these feelings, but don’t dwell. Instead, research, talk to your agent, and evaluate your circumstances. And don’t forget, we’re all buying and selling in the same market. This means getting into your next home or even upsizing might be more achievable in today’s market.

Choosing Your Support Crew When Selling Your House

As with anything in life, selling your home is easier when you’ve got the right people supporting you. When selling your home, you’ll need to rely on people you trust – like your real estate agent and conveyancer. 

  • Do your research – look at reviews, ask for recommendations and pick up the phone to talk to them yourself
  • Go for people who know and understand your local market
  • Put them to the test by asking them lots of questions
  • Trust your gut – you must feel comfortable and confident with your choice and know they’ve got your back. 

Don’t forget your family and friends! Selling is emotional. You might have grown up in the house or raised your children there, so it can be difficult to let go. Lean on a close family member or friend to help you work through those emotions. Ask them to help you remain rational as you navigate the sale process.

Not Taking Low Offers or Criticism Personally

It’s hard not to take low offers or criticism personally when you’re selling your house. You’ve likely experienced and celebrated milestones under that roof, raised a family, and you’ve poured your heart and soul into making it ‘yours’. The walls are filled with happy memories, and everything there is…well, you. 

Buyers don’t carry that emotion. They’re looking to negotiate the best purchase price possible, and unfortunately, at times, that means you’ll get offers that are so low they feel offensive. You might also experience sellers who don’t like your style and can’t see past, or aren’t interested in, the work involved in making it their own. That’s ok! What’s important here is that you don’t take it personally. 

Lowball offers are frustrating, but they can still turn into a sale. Stay cool, calm and collected. Remember, you’re in control and don’t have to accept any offer you don’t want to. 

Focusing on the Positives of Your Next Move

It’s hard to let go of a home or a place you’ve lived in for a long time. We get it! But if you’re feeling emotional about selling your house and moving on, try keeping your mind focused on the positives of your next move.

You might be excited to have more space and less clutter, or you’re excited to move to a new area. Whatever it is, think about what excites you most about your upcoming move. Even if it’s not something tangible like a new home—maybe it’s just the idea of having more time to spend with friends and family. It doesn’t matter what it is; just keep that positive thought in mind when things start to feel overwhelming.

Instead of focusing on what you’re leaving behind, think about what’s coming next. 

Being Patient and Kind To Yourself

Sometimes, selling a house can feel like you’re grieving. You might feel sad about leaving the place you’ve called home for years and the memories you’ve made there. But it’s important to take care of yourself during this time. Reminisce in each room and remember all the wonderful times you’ve had in that space. It could be as simple as remembering the first time you moved in or even just the first time one of your pets or children did something funny there. 

Try journaling or writing down some of your favourite moments or memories from living there. Or, treat yourself to something you love doing (a massage or a new haircut, perhaps?). This will help you relax and ease some of the pain associated with selling a house. Be patient and kind to yourself – selling isn’t easy. 

Selling your house? It’s time to start something new!

Selling your house is hard and emotional, but consider it your chance to start over and create something new. That’s not to say you’re starting over from scratch; selling your home is just another step forward. Honour the memories you’ve made but try your best to remove the emotion from selling your home so you can negotiate with a clear head and get the best outcome for your sale. 

We hope you’ve found these tips for selling your home useful. If you are in the process of selling or getting ready to sell, we’d love to support your journey. We gladly take the time to know and understand our client’s needs, so we can remove some of the stress and overwhelm from selling your home. 

Call us on (02) 4056 1070 or email us at for your free 15-minute consultation. You can also request a free conveyancing quote online. 

We look forward to chatting with you.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice. We recommend consulting with qualified professionals for advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

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