Before you start packing, make sure you’ve got a dedicated and experienced team of conveyancers on hand to protect your interests

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Selling your house JUST GOT EASIER

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed, confused or nervous when selling a house. Sure, issues will crop up from time to time—like a purchaser’s financing falling through or a request to extend a settlement date—but it’s in situations like this that you’ll experience the expertise of Oliver & Co. Conveyancing first hand.

You’ll feel prepared for any twists and turns and be kept up to date on anything that could potentially impact your sale. We take the guess work out of wondering what to do next by helping you make informed decisions throughout your sale process. You can turn to us with confidence, knowing that your sale celebration is just around the corner.

Let's get you ON THE MOVE SOONER

You’ve got your reasons for selling a house, be it you’re moving onto green pastures, you’ve got a pressing family issue that’s resulting in a sale or you’ve decided to pack up and travel. We’re not here to question your motives, but we are here to make the process easier so you can focus on those next steps. 

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    We're all about transparency, so you'll know up front what it's going to cost for us to come through for you when you sell a house.

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    Unlike many conveyancers, who only communicate through email, we’re actually all in for picking up the phone and resolving any issues or questions quickly and clearly. You also have free access to our conveyancing app, giving you full oversight of how your matter is progressing.

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    We’re fully licensed with NSW Fair Trading and registered members of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers. We are proud of our conveyancing qualifications, and our professional indemnity insurance has you covered.

  • Buying property Hunter Valley - Conveyancing Services


    You’ve got access to our professional advice, our prompt and friendly service, and our experience for all your conveyancing needs.

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I really could not fault the team at Oliver & Co. From my first appointment to settlement, the team have been excellent. I would highly recommend Oliver & Co. if you are buying or selling

-Dylan Ponchard

Conveyancing Hunter Valley - Oliver & Co. Conveyancing (9)

An amazing experience from start to finish. Nothing was ever a hassle. All documents were sent and actioned in a timely fashion. I cannot recommend them more highly.

-Erin Moorehead


If you've got questions about how we can help you sell a house, we’ve answered them and more below.

We’re glad you asked! You’ve got lots of thinking to do already, so let’s make the decision to choose the right conveyancer easier for you. If you’ve already visited our About page, you’ll know that we stand for Customer Service, Education, Communication and Transparency.

We want to make selling a house easier, not harder. But don’t take our word for it, check out on Google what our past conveyancing clients have to say about choosing us as their support crew. Then, when you’re ready, hit us up for a free conveyancing quote.

Simple. We’re going to take care of all the important steps and documents along the way. This includes preparing your Contract of Sale and Vendor Disclosure Statement as well as including any special conditions or requirements in the final contract (like what stays and what goes with you once you sell). 

We’re essential members of your sales team, and we’ll help you tackle any financial adjustments and property transfers and attend settlement on your behalf (either in person or electronically), so you don’t have to sweat the small or big sales ‘stuff’ when it comes to selling your house.

Be sure to check out our post: What does a conveyancer do?

Great question! This can be tricky and can get messy very quickly, which is why a great conveyancer will always give you the right advice up front and not at settlement, where it is likely to lead to confusion and possibly disputes.

Think of it this way. If you turn a house upside down, everything that falls out is chattel. This means it rests on its own weight, is moveable and generally isn’t left behind at the property. On the other hand, everything that stays or is affixed to the property is a fixture and it’s expected that you will leave it. In saying that, if there are any fixtures that you can’t bear to part with (like that expensive chandelier hanging in your entrance), make sure it goes into your Contract of Sale.

Please reach out to our team to seek further clarification if you’re unsure.