DIY Open Home Styling Trends for 2024 


In the world of real estate, first impressions matter. While staging is a fantastic way to boost your sale price, it’s not an option that’s always affordable for sellers. As we step into 2024, the DIY open home styling trend is growing, and it’s taking a bold turn, blending creativity, functionality, and a touch of…

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Buying and Selling at the Same Time  –  A Guide for Homeowners


Buying and selling at the same time can be an exciting yet daunting experience for homeowners. Balancing the logistics, your finances, and getting the timing right requires careful planning and informed decision-making. In this guide, we explore key considerations to help you successfully navigate the process of selling your current property while buying a new…

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Savvy Ways to Save Money When Moving House


Whether you’ve just bought or sold your house, moving is not a cheap experience. And it doesn’t matter if you’re moving because of job transfers, family changes or other circumstances; finding the money to pay for everything that comes with the move can be stressful. Did you know that some things won’t cost you a…

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5 Ways to Emotionally Prepare for Selling Your House

Selling-Your-House-How-to-Emotionally-Prepare image of a couple sitting in the lounge room packing boxes

Buying and selling property is one of life’s greatest stresses. When you’re emotionally invested in selling your house, it only increases the pressure. As conveyancers, we witness this stress in our clients every week, and we’ve talked to hundreds, if not thousands, of homeowners about the emotions that come with selling their homes.  We want…

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What does a conveyancer do?

If you’re on the verge of buying or selling a property, you’ve probably been asking yourself this question – What does a conveyancer do? At Oliver & Co. Conveyancing we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients. We’re particularly committed to ensuring that our processes are transparent and educational so you feel…

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